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Recessed Monitor Computer Desks by NOVA. . .



Enhancing the learning environment is one of Novaís most popular solutions. From the corporate training facility to the Kindergarten classroom and everything in between, Nova has the answer students and teachers have been looking for. With Nova, you can create a space-saving, multiuse classroom. Classrooms are no longer restricted for just computer training. Check out some of our learning solutions for the classroom as well as administrative offices


 ClassRoom Applications


Technology and luxury are combined in Novaís 90, 91 and 92 Series line-up. Adding Novaís technology solution to traditional, transitional, and contemporary styling make this series a popular choice for the executive office, corporate training room, and other eEnvironments where image counts. With Nova, itís no longer a desk, itís a conversation piece with state-of-the-art technology inside.


Office Applications



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