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Conference Room Furniture . . .

Projector Screens

Our line of Projector Screens come in several different models. Projectors With Electrical Motors, Hand Operated, and Wall Mounted.

Wall Mounted

Supra Features - Motor mounted inside roller on rubber vibration insulators. Smooth, silent operation. Automatic ceiling closure (can be finished to match ceiling). Operating speed 20 feet per minute. Fiberglass matte white or glass beaded surface



Electrical Assisted

Paramount Line - Our assisted screens go up and down with the touch of a switch at a rate 38 feet per minute, and come with preset limit switch These screens are custom built to order so they will be the perfect fit for you. Screens are available as Fiberglass matte white (standard) or with a glass beaded surface, for optimal brightness and color.


Electrical Assisted

Hand Operated

Manually operated screens on of the most cost effective options for your room. Fabrik-Lok roller and friction-free steel case design to prevent damage to viewing surface. Mounts on wall or ceiling. Screens can be Fiberglass matte white or glass beaded surface.



Plus we carry an unlimited amount of Conference Tables both Laminate Topped and Veneer Finish. Which are available in a variety of shapes (Boat, Round, Rectangular, Square, Radius, and Custom), sizes and colors. Combine all that with our Lecterns, Seating, and our Conference Room Equipment line, and you have the ideal setup for your office!



Our lecterns, like all of our other products, come in a variety of models. We carry standard lecterns with sound systems built in (pictured), adjustable, folding, mobile, storage topped, and column based models.
Which one is right for you? Contact Us to go over your options.



Laminate Tables

Come in any combination of Size (everything from 3 feet to 18 feet long and more), Shape (Round, Rectangular, Square, Concave, Boat, and Radius Rectangular), color, also they are available with Slab bases, Curved Plinth, Legs, and H-based. Many have optional casters as well.


Laminate Tables

Laminate Colors - Solid
Laminate Colors - Solid

Laminate Colors - Stone
Laminate Colors - Stone

Laminate Colors - Wood
Laminate Colors - Wood

Base Paint Colors - Solid
Base Paint Colors - Solid

productThe Ideal Conference Room - It can be obtained!



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