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Document Management and Destruction . . .

We carry everything from personal shredders, to Heavy Duty Industrial Disintegrators, to Magnetic Degaussers, and everything in between.
Plus we carry document Management solutions like Paper Folders

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Personal Shredder - DOD

This is our most popular High Security shredder. This model meets DOD Specifications for destroying classified documents by producing a small 1/32" x 1/2" particle. Now standard with the LK-1 Automatic Oiling System to prolong the life of the shredder and maintain efficiency!



DOD Personal Shredder

Personal Shredder - Commercial

The Model 1122 desk-side shredder has an 8 1/2" cutting head which makes it one of a kind in its category. Special features include automatic start-stop control. Low energy consumption. Attractively designed waste container.


Commercial Personal Shredder

Magnetic Degauser

Model 8000The 8000 is a compact, low noise manually operated unit which sits neatly on a table top and no compromise has been made when it comes to performance. With figures in excess of 75dB for high energy metal tapes and up to 90dB on standard oxide tapes, complete erasure is assured every time.

Erasable Media:
For broadcast and video - VHS, S-VHS, U-Matic, U-Matic SP, 1", 2", B and C format, Beta SP, M1/M2, D1, D2, D3, DVC-PRO, R-Dat, Reels: 1/4", 1/2", 1" and 2" up to 16" Dia. Compact cassettes, Pancakes 16" dia., Mirror mother master tapes.
For Data:
1/2" computer tape, Diskettes - single/boxed, QIC-DC 600, 2000, TK50, 70, 85, 3480/3590E, 4mm/8mm/Exabyte/Travan, PC Hard Drives 3-1/2" or 4-1/4"

Degaussing current meter ensuring proper erasing
Foot Operated controls for hands free operation
Large Work surface with operating instruction in full view
Thru-put: 180 VHS Cassettes per hour
Degaussing Force: 6000 gauss
Erasure Depth: 75 dB on 1500Oe; 90 dB on 750Oe
Power Requirements: 115V @ 14 amps
Duty Cycle: 50%
Dimensions: 13-1/2"W x 18"L x 7-1/2"H
Weight: 65 lbs.


 Magnetic Degauser

Heavy Duty Disentigrators

This extra heavy duty disintegrator can easily destroy bound manuals and printouts from 4" to 6" thick. These systems are very popular with large Military Bases and Data Processing Centers. Available with horsepower's ranging from 40-150 HP while providing destruction rates up to 2,000lbs./hr and meeting DOD requirements for all levels of paper document destruction.
Also available with conveyor systems

 Heavy Duty Shredder/Disentigrators



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