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MechoShade "The Architect's Choice"

MechoShade® Systems, Inc. has been the innovator for manual, motorized and automated solar shading and room darkening solutions for over 30 years. MechoShade® Systems is also the leading provider of window shading solutions for architects and interior designers. MechoShade manufactures a wide range of window shading systems using visually transparent shadecloths, the AAC SolarTracTM, and its new advanced Daylighting Module that manages and controls excessive daylight brightness.


MechoShade® System – Manual

  • A manual, chain operated system for interior shading.
  • Mecho®/5 is an improved, patented system.
  • 25 year/project lifetime warranty*
  • Mecho®/5 is available in Standard, Pocket and Extended bracket sizes with accessories.
  • Removable SnapLoc® shade cloth mounting spline and SnapLoc® fascia
  • DoubleShade® brackets for sun screens and room darkening blackoutshades
  • Bottom-up shades


MechoShade - Manual
MechoShade "The Architect's Choice"

Chain-driven MechoShade® roller screens are part of the most comprehensive manual solar protection and room darkening system available. They feature a complete line of ThermoVeil® and EuroVeil® visually transparent sunscreens and room darkening shades, a full range of hardware options for manual shading featuring multi-band operation with one drive chain and our Lifetime Limited Warranty with 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty.

ElectroShade® System – Motorized

  • A motorized roller-screen shading system
  • Available in 40mm and 50mm tubular motor systems in a broad range of bracket and tube sizes to accommodate a wide variety of window sizes.
  • DoubleShadeTM Brackets allow space efficient nesting of 2 rollers for installation of blackout and sun screen fabrics.
  • SnapLoc® shade cloth mounting spline and SnapLoc® fascia.


MechoShade - Motorized



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