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Montel - Mobilex® - High Density Mobile Storage Systems

The unique mechanical Mobilex® system allows one or more ranges to be moved easily and effortlessly with a crank handle. Mobilex® offers a complete range of shelving to solve specific storage needs: archives, blue prints, books, boxes, CD or DVD collections, files, film cans, golf bags, pieces and parts, skis, tapes, tools, videos, x-rays and virtually anything you can think of.

Carriages are designed to accommodate several Montel shelving systems: 4-post (SmartShelf), Cantilever (Aetnastak®), Case-Type (Cabinet Style) and semi-industrial Long Span Shelving (4D Wide Span). The new revolutionary SmartShelf system provides infinite storage possibilities, making it the most flexible shelving system ever offered in the industry of storage.

Exceeding industry standards, the SmartShelf incorporates many technologies into single 4-Post shelving. In fact, the SmartShelf provides full depth or back-to-back configuration, or any combination of both, within the same unit. In addition, shelves are adjustable at 1" and 1.5" increments for full flexibility, adjustability and effective space utilization. It accommodates objects of various heights and optimizes your storage space. The shelving systems offer a wide variety of accessories such as reference shelves, multimedia drawers, sliding shelves, specialized shelving and drawers and much more.




Montel – QuadraMobile – Modular Floor
Manual – Mechanical - Electrical

To overcome the problems resulting from a higher volume of objects or documents to file, an office reorganization, or relocation, Montel created the QuadraMobile.  Designed for smaller applications, the QuadraMobile is unique since the system can expand in all directions in order to meet the growing of our customers.





Montel – Aetnastak® Shelving – Cantilever Library Shelving

A cantilever shelving system offers a large range of accessories and practical features.  Sections can be reconfigured, lengthened, shortened, relocated, or joined to existing units easily and without adding any extra parts.  Stacks can be modified from double faced to single faced or vice-versa by removing or adding shelves on one side of the stack.  Shelves are adjustable without using any tools.


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